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A catalogue that looks like you

With Collectix, collect everything... freely!

You have decided to create your own catalogues to manage your collections, but so far, no tool gave you full satisfaction. We have created just for you a very unique software that can be tailor-made to your liking thank to an original concept: the Architect mode. You are the one building the different views (Sheet, List and Miniatures) through a very user-friendly interface.

Within Collectix 3, each object can be set up the way you want it: the text blocks, title, pictures, inputs, tabs, background and even the search filters and the print-outs.

Whatever you decide in the Architect mode will be applied to all items.

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Your catalogue will look
like no other!

Main features
Unlimited number of catalogues Personalized print-outs
Unlimited number of collections Imports (Excel, Philatélix Liberté, Collectix 2)
Unlimited number of items Exports (HTML, PDF, Word, Excel, etc.)
Unlimited number of pictures Automatic pictures import
Three different view (Sheet, List and Miniatures) 14 different tabs (comments, lists, videos, music, documents, etc.)
Manage your collection Creation of models
Multi-criteria search Manage your themes
Automatic updates Unlimited zoom-in on pictures

‹‹ This software is so good ! exactly what i was looking for ! ››

Mike Stevens

‹‹ This is amazing! Thx for this tool! ››

Mike Mortend

Stamps, coins or postal cards collectors, comics, playing cards or pictures amateur, passionate about gardenin , miniature cards, music or movies, Collectix can adapt to all styles of catalogue and manage efficiently any collections.

Watch your favourite movies, open documents, listen to your music and send emails directly through the Collectix interface.

Using the Architect modes, Collectix can manage any types of collections, not only the ones that can be downloaded for free through our website.

You can make inventories with no limit. Create as many collections that you wish for, add hundreds of thousand of sheets and as many pictures as you can.

You can then visualize your collection sheet by sheet, create a list of your choice or view it using miniatures. The information displayed in any of those modes are the ones you have chosen upfront!

With the Criteria Architect mode, you can set up the different inputs that will be used to search through your catalogue. You can thus work on part of your catalogue, such as your doubles and / or misses.


Discover a powerful tool to manage all your stamps collection

already 101 countries and regions and more than 139.000 stamps

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