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Collectix 3

Compatible with Windows (XP, 2000, Vista, 7, 8)
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This has to be placed in the "Models" folder of Collectix

Antiquity, Art

Create a catalogue with the best treasure from the past. Using Collectix 3 numerous possibilities, you will soon become an expert in art and antiquity.
Telecharger Comics

Comics fan can now use Collectix to efficiently manage their mangas, comics and or books.
Bank notes

Every bank notes collector can now use Collectix to create an insightful catalogue including many information such as the value of each note.
Telecharger Crown Cap

Time to pop the champagne! You can now manage all your capsules, their value, their sources and even more with Collectix 3.
Playing Cards

Make the inventory of your Magic, Pokemon or all other types of playing cards and sort them as you please, finding out your misses and doubles.
Telecharger Postal Cards

Sort and value your entire postal cards collection, manage your collection and your doubles, and even more with Collectix.

Categorize all your miniatures and spot on the ones you miss using a tailor-made catalogue. An impressive number of tools will give a new dimension to your collection.
Telecharger Movies

Manage your favourite movies, best dramas or your own made videos, whether they are on your computer or on the web and watch them directly through Collectix.

Welcome to your virtual library where you can select, sort by, print all the data you want with Collectix.
Telecharger Coins, Token, Medals

Collectors of ancient and modern coins, token and / or medals finally have an efficient way to manage their assets.

Whether you prefer CD or old vinyl, Collectix will help you to manage your entire collection; you will even be able to listen to it directly from Collectix.
Telecharger First Aid Kit

Find very quicly the information about your own medicines, check out the dosages and best practice. Collectix can manage all type of collection.

Manage hundreds of thousand of pictures, personal or professional, and look for them using different criteria; Collectix is your best bet.
Telecharger Cooking Recipes

Create your very own cookbook, and select new recipes daily with our search and selection tools.

You cannot find a software to manage your stamps collection from Portugal or your dairy animals theme? Collectix will help you to create a catalogue that will fit perfectly to your collection.
Telecharger Perfumes

Don't waste your time waiting for a software to manage your perfume collection. Instead, create your own catalogue with Collectix. Everything is included so you can manage your collection effectively!


More than 10,000 backgrounds to download to make sure your catalogue is unique.

To be moved in the "Textures" folder of Collectix.


1,210 textures
Telecharger Tiles

1,069 textures

2,396 textures
Telecharger Matters

694 textures
Wall and Roofs

664 textures
Telecharger Nature

981 textures
Peinted Papers

663 textures
Telecharger Paintings

222 textures

780 textures
Telecharger Floors

1 049 textures

714 textures
Telecharger Others

287 textures